The goal of Fahey & Associates is to be an outstanding full-service law firm in each of the markets we choose to service for all clients we serve.

Fahey & Associates accomplishes this goal by holding fast to these principles:

  • Our client’s interest is first and foremost.
  • Our legal representation exceeds our client’s expectations.
  • Our firm’s success is solely dependent on our clients’s satisfaction with our services.
  • Our actions will consistently comport with the highest level of ethics, professionalism, and laws.
  • Our diverse clientele and employees are valued and treated with the utmost respect.
  • Our lawyers and staff are trained for aggressive and intense litigation in all areas of law that we practice with the mind set of obtaining the best results for our clients.
  • Our attorney’s fees and costs are reasonable and comparable to the current market for the same or similar practitioners.
  • Our firm takes great pride in being in existence since 1989 and strives to continue to provide outstanding legal services for all of our clients.


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Chicago, Illinois, 60601

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